All About Us

No pet owner wants to experience the terrible feeling of losing her beloved pet. On an average 1 out of 3 pets goes missing in their life time. The curious and enthusiastic nature of pets sometimes result in leaving their home and wandering around the neighbourhood. With 10 million pets (dog and cats), each year approximately 3-3.5 million dogs and cats go missing in India; around 70% never to come back to their worried owners.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India; we at Tagmypaws understand your problem as a pet parents and your concerns for pets and loves to work on the various ways and solutions to reunite your missing pet with you.

We'd really appreciate and welcome any suggestion you might have for us, so feel free to drop us a line anytime.

Nayana S


Went out to search for her beloved missing cat. Could not find the cat but found the solution which became helpful for other Pet Parents cought in the same situation



Avid petlover, has a cute cat and dog. Likes to groom them in her free time

Rishikesh Pratap

Incharge of Operations

Rishikesh has over 8 years of IT Systems experience particularly e-commerce based applications and has worked previously for some big e-commerce gients.