Your frequently asked questions

What is Tagmypaws Smart Tag?

        Tagmypaws smart-tag is an identity tag which is equipped with Passive GPS tracking technology in the form of a Unique URL, advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR (Quick Response) code through which a unique profile of your pet is created. If your pet goes astray or lost, the person who finds it can access the code in the tag and reach owner or our website.         

        Tagmypaws Tags helps the pet find its owner and return home faster by providing different identification modes such as unique url, NFC and QR Code which connects to an online profile of the pet.

How can one use this tag to help lost pet to get back home?

        If your pet goes missing and someone finds, the smart tag offers the finder several ways to get in touch with the owner of the pet. The finder can simply visit our website and call Tagmypaws Helpline number. The Finder can also visit the url printed on the tag, scan the QR code with Smartphone that has QR code scanner, or tap NFC. These accesses directly link to the pet’s profile, wherein finder can see owner's contact details & contact directly, provided owner chose to disclose. Once any of the above is accessed, the owner will be notified by sms/e-mail/call from Tagmypaws team.

What is the possibility that I will be reunited with my pet?

        Many of us have honest intentions to return the pet to the owner. Since, pets cannot speak or produce their identity to the finder, Tagmypaws Smart Tag can act as the pet identifier.

        However, if the finder has no intension to return your pet; in that case Smart Tag still helps owner in 2 ways:

1. Set the Reqard : You can set the Reward for the pet or request the finder to return the pet. Research has shown that most of the people are motivated by the reward or recognition and can return the pet if the owner is rightly identified.

2. Realtime Map location or IP address : It's obvious and certain that the finder can scan or visit the online profile of your pet out of curiosity. As soon as the tag is accessed, it's data gets directly linked to our server and email and SMS is sent to the subscribed owner with the GPS location pinpointing on the map; as long as the finder has location services enabled on his phone. Even if the location is disabled, Tagmypaws server sends the IP address, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the city or area details which can be useful to trace the pet's & stranger's location.

        Tagmypaws Smart Tag is effective in reuniting lost pet with the owner only when the owner’s contact information in the Tag database is accurate. Therefore, it is imperative that you immediately register your pet’s tag with the appropriate database, and always update your contact information promptly when you move or get a new phone number.

Does Tagmypaws Smart Tag has validity for activation?

        Yes, it has activation validity till 1 year. Tagmypaws will get activated on the day you register and create a complete profile of your pet using unique QR code. So one can activate the tag anytime within 1 year.

How long is the service valid for?

        Tagmypaws Smart tag comes with 1 year of FREE subscription (worth Rs 200). You need not pay anything except tag cost for the first year. You will receive the recharge mail/message 15 days prior to the deactivation date. After 1 year, you need to continue your service by paying the annual subscription fee.

        Tagmypaws team's sole purpose is to provide solution to reunite lost pets with their families. However, to keep this service running (which includes Cloud Infrastructure, Payment/Email/SMS Gateways, Operational cost); a nominal annual subscription fee after 1st year (INR 200) is charged to its customers.

What comes with the 1 year membership level?

        Tagmypaws provides the features for 1 year membership with every tag that includes:

1. Pet's Profile Storage : Every tag comes with unique 6 digit code printed on back side. You need to save your pet's information along with owner's detailed contact information online as unique Profile ID. This information will be linked to that unique code and stored on cloud with 24/7 availability. We maintain every profile's confidentiality and owners can also set their pet's profile with privacy settings.

2. Medical Information Storage : Our website provides facility to maintain detailed medical records of your beloved pet. You can save it and can keep it updated as per your need.

3. Website Helpline : Our helpline is available for any assistance or clarification on weekdays- Mon-Fri from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

4. Tagmypaws Alerts : if your pet goes missing and you need assistance, login to your pet profile and report them “Missing” on Tagmypaws.com. You will receive E-mail & SMS notifications if someone enters your pet ID on website, scans QR code or access NFC from tag.

How will pet owner be notified when the tag is scanned?

        A valid subscribed owner will receive notification via :

1. E-mail : Pet owner will receive e-mail notification whenever the Tag is accessed. The moment it is marked, owner will receive notification per tag access after every 15 minutes interval for each new geolocation change, provided the tag is accessed by a device that has activated GPS *

2. SMS : Pet owner will receive SMS for the tag accessed only when your pet profile is marked as "Missing". To avoid the system misuse, the SMS facility is limited to 50 SMS per year

        TagmyPaws Team will share the lost pet information across its social networks (Facebook & Instagram) with few proceedings, greatly increasing the chances of your pet being found. 

* The Tagmypaws Smart Tag is not a GPS device, but currently most smartphones and tablets are compatible with this satellite positioning technology. Whenever location information is generated by the device that has accessed the tag you will receive email notifications.

Can I manage my privacy settings?

        Yes, sure. Privacy setting allows you to choose what information you want to share to the public. You may elect to keep your information undisclosed by disabling or elect to display the information whenever needed.

Can I register multiple pets profile with respective tags through my account?

        Yes, certainly. If you purchase multiple tags for your pets, you can create their individual profiles with respective settings through the same dashboard of your account, wherein you share the same contact details for your multiple pets.

Can I use the Tag for some other pet after registration? Can I pass the tag to other pet?

        This tag is completely non-transferable once you register with one pet and create profile for the same. If you want to pass the tag to some other pet, login to tagmypaws.com, go to your pet's profile and delete the contents of your pet and click "Save" button. Now You can enter the data of new pet for same tag.