What is Tagmypaws Smart Tag?

Tagmypaws is a simple, affordable and effective pet protection service which helps missing or wandered pet (dog, cat or any other) return home faster. The light-weight (8 gms) digital futuristic smart tags (NFC and QR code enabled) madeup of robust Zinc Alloy Metal provide a unique global id to your pet. If your pet goes missing or astray, anyone with a smartphone can access the pet profile by visiting the unique url or scanning the QR code or tapping the NFC enabled phone and view your pet’s vital profile details such as pet's medical conditions, allergies, dietary needs and get in contact with you by phone, email or SMS. You'll also receive the geolocation details on map from where the tag was accessed#. This is a must-have pet accessary for your beloved pet.

How it works

Get a Tagmypaws Smart Tag and create pet profile

Attach the tag to the online profile and add your contact details and pet's vital information. You can manage multiple pets' profiles from single dashboard

If your pet goes missing

Make sure you have updated all critical information, so that finder can view it on your pet's profile



Finder scans smart tag, tap NFC or visit online profile

Anyone with a smartphone can scan smart tag, tap NFC or visit your pet's profile online to view pet's information and your contact details. At the same time owner gets SMS and email about the scanned details and location*

You are united with your pet

With your contact information, finders can contact you immediately or Tagmypaws helpline and your pet returns home in no time


Smart Tag Features

Waterproof Smart Tag

Tagmypaws smart tags are waterproof; are made to withstand harsh weather as well as low and high temperatures

Realtime Notifications

The moment your pet's tag is accessed (url, NFC or QR scan) by someone; you'll be notified via Email

GPS Geolocation

You get the GPS location on the map where exactly the pet is found as long as location is enabled in finder's smartphone

Pet Profile on Cloud

Your contact details, pet's vital information, scanned medical documents are stored on cloud ensuring 24x7 availability

Future Ready

Each tag has an embedded unpowered NFC (Near Field Communication) chip + Lazer engraved QR code and a URL encoded on it

Customised Message

In case your pet is lost; you can set a customized message and reward to the finder


Your information is completely secured and will not be shared with anyone without your consent

Privacy Control

You have the total control on your information. Choose what information to be shown when tag is scanned

Multiple pets

Manage your multiple pets information and documents from single account dashboard

Missing Pet Alert

Missing pet's info is instantly shared to Tagmypaws social media accounts (FaceBook and Instagram)

Responsive Management Dashboard


Tagmypaws Vs Traditional Tags